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These Championship Cups are those that NAGA awards to a tournament's top teams. many teams have requested the opportunity to order another cup besides the cup NAGA has a;ready awarded their academy. If your team qualified for a cup and would like an extra cup for; another academy location, the head academy, the instructor, this is where you order it.

You can also order a cup (in addition to the one that NAGA sends you) for a placement your team had in another team category as long as you finished in the top 3 in that category. For example; if you were the Overall Adult Team Champions and also the Kids/Teens Team Champions, you can order the cup for the division that you did not receive one for (that NAGA mailed out).

Example of the cup:

Championship Cup

Championship Cup Team Awards

Get an extra championship cup to display at another school location, to present to your instructor, or to commemorate another division that your team took at a NAGA tournament.