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Join the world's largest submission grappling ranking system. Sign up and see where you stand among other grapplers within your age group. Ranked tournaments are being held all throughout the United States, Canada,and Europe giving you many opportunities to earn Ranked points. Get Ranked for 2014!


Turn on your National Ranking for the 2014 season.

RANKED is a system designed to track the best grapplers in the country. When you join Ranked, you will:

- be able to update your profile with you statistics, photo, and more
- see where you are Ranked among others in your category around the country (those who do not join Ranked are listed as "Unregistered Fighter" in the Rankings)
- have a chance to appear in Gladiator Magazine (a huge supporter of Ranked)
- have the opportunity to earn a certificate of recognition if you place in the Top 15 nationally.

With multiple Ranked events being held monthly around the country, there will be plenty of opportunities to earn Ranked points. For more information on Ranked please visit The Ranked Website.